My background is not a formal one. No schools of art. My classroom was everyday living. Summer life was so slow in the 1950’s even the radio went off the air at sundown. So I filled my time with projects – like painting polka dots on the wharf. I took the sugar canister lid, traced around it and made “lovely” aqua dots on a forest green wharf. It turned out to be prime entertainment watching people stop their cars. Some even backed up to get a better look. We sat on the porch and watched.

We had a long dreary hall in the cottage and I asked my father if I could paint something on the wall. He shook his head when he discovered that I had painted six foot daisies complete with grass and butterflies but he always took visitors for a look.

I designed an oriental bedroom for myself in my teens. Sometimes things didn’t turn out as anticipated. My efforts to create a Zen garden with raked gravel left the neighbors mystified.

My parents were pivotal in allowing me the freedom to experiment. For the local boat parade I dressed our entry up as Cleopatra’s barge. My mother even let me cut a curtain right off the wall for a costume. My father built us a puppet theater. I wrote a play and my mother sewed the puppets. We gave performances all summer long.

Norman Rockwell was my earliest artistic influence. Our whole family looked forward to the Saturday Evening Post. During my children’s elementary years I created posters for every conceivable local event. However it never occurred to me that I could paint because I still hadn’t been to school to learn how. But, I was about to start. Due to an overdue hay bill for my horse, I took a job hanging paintings at the Rochester Fair. Suddenly I was on the inside listening to the jurors, learning what was good, what to avoid. Occasional classes and workshops enhanced my knowledge. Suddenly I was painting; competing at the fairs and winning recognition.

Which leads me to today. So what’s with all the cars and trucks? My Dad was a mechanic rich in car stories. The sculptural quality of cars, the boldness of trucks and their narrative values speak to me.

My collectors reside in NH, ME, MA, CT, NY, FL, CO, and TX

Juried Member of the New Hampshire Art Association
Art Superintendant of the Rochester Fair (retired)
Granite Chapter of the Antique Truck Club of America
Christmas in Strafford participant
Manchester Art Association
Great Bay Art Association